Surgical tablesare used to maintain the correct positioning of the patient while the surgical team operates. Numerous procedures are performed on these tables such as Pediatric, Gynecology, Cardiovascular, etc.Types of surgical tables include General surgery table, Imaging table, Neurology table, Urology tableandGynecology.

General surgical table –

It is a basic type. There are specific requirements of surgeries; therefore, Doctors need to check if the features of surgical table fulfill their requirements. Typically, it is important to make sure angle adjustment capability of the table provides a good access to the patient comfortably and safely. Besides, the general surgical table must be steady. It should include prominent imaging support features.

2. Imaging table –

Most advanced medical imaging procedures require such specialized tables. It is important to make sure that the table supports imaging methods such as fluoroscopy, vascular procedures, and procedures involving a catheter tray extension. So, imaging table must also support procedures requiring lateral tilt or height adjustment, trendelenburg or reverse trendelenburg, etc.

3. Neurology Tables –

Neurological procedures demand a great level of precision. These tables provide the best possible patient access involving exceptional positioning. Apart from this, there are specific features such as a wide range of positioning options like lateral slide and tilt, back section, longitudinal slide, elevation option, etc. Other features include electro-hydraulic operation with manual controls for positioning the head and back section, precise foot-controlled tabletop slide functions to enable medical staff to facilitate delicate movements,  etc.Surgeons should be able to provide input on the configuration and optional attachments of a table. Such features and functionalities provide a good support to Surgeons while performing surgeries.

4. Urology and Cysto Tables

Urology and cysto specialty surgical tables make it possible for surgeons to perform delicate procedures safely and comfortably. These medical equipment maximize access to the C-arm during imaging. They also provide capability for excellent seed implantation positioning and brachytherapy treatment.

5. Gynecology Table

Gynecology surgical table should serve as an ideal solution in terms of quality, functionality and reliability. The table must be adapted and configured according to the surgical requirements.Adjustability, portability and easy control are some of the features to be looked for.

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