Hospitals shall remain prepared for any medical circumstances that may arise. Keeping your facility well-equipped at all times is crucial to dealing with various kinds of situations and providing comprehensive treatment for patients. Here is a standard set of medical equipment all hospitals must have, to make vital healthcare resources available with well-managed costs.

  1. Defibrillators – It is mostly used during life-threatening situations when the patient suffers from cardiac arrhythmia. The medical device helps to restore the heartbeat to normalcy by application of an electric current to the chest wall or heart. This is an essential tool that every hospital should have.
  2. Patient Monitors – The device is used to keep a track of the vitals of patients before, during and after various surgical procedures. This medical equipment is critical to the neonatal, adult, and pediatric patient care. Monitoring is performed by measuring specific parameters continuously.
  3. Ventilator – A ventilator is a device that supports breathing process. It provides mechanical ventilation to deliver breaths to a patient who is not able to breathe sufficiently.
  4. Infusion Pump & Syringe Pump – Infusion Pump infuses medication, nutrients or fluids into the body of a patient, in a controlled manner. It is mostly used intravenously. However, arterial, epidural and subcutaneous infusions also take place. It can deliver even the smallest amount, 0.1 ML. per injections to the patients.
  5. ECG/EKG Machine – It is used to record the electrical activity of patient’s heart over a period of time. It helps Doctors and Surgeons to identify any abnormalities in patient by monitoring the overall rhythm of the heart. Electrodes are placed on the chest of a patient during an ECG test. They are connected to ECG machine and thus electrical activity is measured. Sensors attached to the skin detect the electrical signals produced by heart.
  6. Anaesthesia Machine – This is a critical medical device used to generate and mix a fresh gas flow of medical gases as well as inhalational anaesthetic agents to induce and maintain anaesthesia. It is common to use this machine with a mechanical ventilator, suction equipment, breathing system and patient monitoring devices. Modern anaesthesia machines integrate in all these devices to make a combined unit.
  7. Surgical Tables – It keeps the patient in proper position during a surgical procedure and allows Surgeons to have easy access to the surgical site. It provides a great level of flexibility and precision.
  8. Blanket and Fluid Warmers – Hospitals store blankets and linens in a warming cabinet or blanket warmer to provide comfort to the patients and also reduce risk of preoperative and postoperative hypothermia after a surgical procedure.
  9. Electrosurgical Units – This device is used to cut or coagulate tissue during surgery by using high-frequency (HF) electrical currents. It is operated using a specific control.
  10. Surgical Lights – Also known as an operating light, it assists Surgeons and Doctors during a surgical procedure by illuminating the surgical site for optimal visualization of body cavities. 
  11. Sterilizers – They are used to destroy all microorganisms on the surface of an article or in a fluid so that disease transmission with respect to the use of an item can be prevented. They are available in various types such as steam sterilizers (autoclaves), dry heat sterilizers, gas sterilizers, heated chemical vapor sterilizers, etc.

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