1. Is medical equipment held to the highest standards? It is important to make sure that all critical life-saving medical equipment, parts and tools are held in accordance with OEM quality standards. This question is directly associated with patient safety and a facility’s reputation.  

2. Does rental provider have the largest inventory of rental medical equipment and parts to provide uninterrupted rental solutions even during emergencies? Well, patient care is something which should be immediately available anywhere. Constant medical equipment support is a necessity here.

3. Does rental service provide Preventive Maintenance Schedule in line with OEM instructions, for all your equipment? Equipment rental providers should hold the same high quality and safety standards as OEMs. Poorly performing equipmentcan cause harm to patient’s life.

4. It is important to assess the costs involved in renting and buying equipment. Refurbished rental medical equipment are cost-efficient. Their quality and condition remain as new. Besides, rental equipment allows hospitals and clinics to try new equipment and technology before making a huge investment. The option certainly facilitates well-managed costs. This is vital to the world of healthcare which witnesseses shortage of critical resources. The costs involved in renting medical equipment must be analyzed by asking appropriate questions to the rental companies. Additionally, hospitals need to find out what kind of maintenance and repairing programs are followed by rental providers. Well-timed repairing support is critical to patient’s safety.

5. It is equally important to ask rental medical equipment provider questions about how rental equipment will add value to the quality of diagnosis, treatment and healthcare service. Equipment should facilitate improved productivity and faster turnaround. Apart from this, one should estimate power consumption and associated costs. In addition to enhanced patient care, rental equipment must provide increased revenue flow. 

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