Today’s anaesthesia machines available in various models from leading brands are equipped with new features and hence are more accessible, reliable, efficient and safer than ever before. When hospitals look forward to updating existing machines or buying refurbished anaesthesia machines for sale, it becomes challenging to identify the right system with the array of available options. This content will outline some essential features to look for.

Choose The Right Ventilator System

There are two types of ventilator systems in anaesthesia machines – the double-circuit bellows ventilator and a single circuit piston ventilator.

The piston ventilator systems use a computer-controlled motor. It delivers gas into a breathing system. It should be noted that this system does not use driving gas. When the gas within the piston gets compressed, the pressure within it raises. This causes gas to flow into the human lungs. On the other side, bellows ventilator has a double circuit. It uses pressurized gas to compress a bellow. This delivers ventilation to the patient. The bellows re-expand when the breathing system gas flows in, during expiration. It is important to understand how each of these options works to identify the right system that fulfils your requirements.

Safety First

Safety of patients and healthcare professionals always comes first. Some important safety features to be considered include:

  • Back-up Oxygen or Nitrous cylinders.
  • Oxygen sensors to ensure supplies remain appropriate.
  • Minimum two vaporizer ports for diverse requirements of anaesthetic agent for different patients.

The machine you are about to purchase shall provide an enhanced level of safety.

Size and Mobility

Every hospital, clinic or surgical center has specific space available for anaesthesia machine. The machine you need to purchase will vary based on the operating room size and also, how often it needs to be moved from one place to the other.

Size and mobility may be irrelevant for a facility with a good space and a fixed location for anaesthesia machine. But, various medical settings have space constraints. They can choose a smaller and more mobile machine. Appropriate ventilation and ease of movement are essential.


Hospitals need to have sufficient storage to hold the monitors, stylets, tubing required to operate pneumatic device. There should be a place for suction regulator attachment. When machine’s equipment is stored appropriately, an operator will be able to work more efficiently. This facilitates safe, uninterrupted operations at a medical facility. 


Is it more beneficial to choose a new machine over refurbished medical equipment which are more cost-effective and have the same quality? Well, there are some trusted refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India which offer high-quality machines from top brands that offer great reliability and make well-timed treatment accessible. They alleviate the financial burden of making a large purchase. It is advisable to calculate potential return on investment. Leasing an anaesthesia machine could be an ideal option for facilities which may not have an outright purchase budget. When healthcare professionals decide to buy refurbished medical equipment or get them on rent, they need to choose a company that also offers comprehensive preventive maintenance assistance.  To begin with, call on +91 95121 06062 or send an email to