Refurbished medical equipment are among the persistent essentials in today’s healthcare industry where quality and cost-effectiveness go hand in hand. The global refurbished medical equipment market size is expected to be worth USD 17.45 billion by 2026 from USD 9.69 billion in 2021, especially in categories of Imaging, Patient Monitors and Defibrillators, Cardiology and Cardiovascular equipment, Surgical equipment, Neurology equipment and more.

These factors explain it all:

  1. Rising incidence of critical chronic diseases and complexities of treatments involved are expected to result in the development of refurbished medical equipment market.
  2. Leading medical equipment brands have started focusing on the refurbishment of larger scanning machines and imaging instruments.
  3. The rising number of hospitals and surgical centers purchasing refurbished medical equipment due to budget constraints, propels growth of refurbished market.
  4. The growing initiatives taken by some of the well-known refurbished medical equipment suppliers in India and other countries to strictly adhere to standard regulations and keep serving healthcare facilities with refurbished equipment carrying original quality and functionalities will fuel the growth further.
  5. There is a rising acceptance for refurbished medical devices globally especially because it truly strengthens healthcare world’s capability to save patients safely, with economic constraints.
  6. Another key factor contributing to the growth is increasing cost of new medical devices and equipment. Many hospitals, especially those in rural areas, find refurbishment as a viable option to make healthcare accessible and affordable, in comparison to new equipment. It is an opportunity to use technology before making larger investments.   
  7. A rising awareness among healthcare professionals about sustainable healthcare that improves, maintains and restores health by leveraging appropriate opportunities and minimizing negative effects on the environment, is a contributing factor. Refurbishment is a major step towards the growth of ecological awareness in a recycling economy.

Refurbished medical equipment allows hospitals to,

  1. Use the same quality at affordable price.
  2. Make healthcare service well-equipped.
  3. Facilitate well-managed costs.
  4. Try new or different technology before making big investments.
  5. Contribute to sustainable healthcare.

Approach your medical equipment company in India to discuss your refurbishment requirements:

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