Thank you, Team Medinnova, for the truly worthwhile biomedical training experience. I thank all the trainers for their patience and professionalism. I appreciate the team letting me coordinate with them, from the very beginning.

On the first day, we worked on oxygen concentrators, which was my first opportunity to handle the toolkit myself. The trainers never gave us any orders; it was always a great experience of teamwork and practical skill.

Through the whole process, from Box products to cardiac machines, and finishing it off with the imaging department to learn all about the CT and MRI machines, it was a commendable experience. Everyone was so nice to answer all of my questions. All doubts were clarified and concepts were made clear with appropriate patience.

To have a sales and marketing discussion with respected authorities, was a sweet and precious experience for us and the team. All of the trainers, the head staff, and the supporting staff were polite and helpful. Your friendly manner helped to create a comfortable and supportive learning environment.

Your company’s training is something I recommend to any organization that is looking to increase the productivity of its employees. Thanks to your company, I now have a better understanding of what Biomedical Engineering really is. I will always benefit from this experience in my professional life.